Question: Is BBA better or BCom?

While BBA degree is for those who want to make a career in management and entrepreneurship, the BCom degree is for those who want to pursue career in finance, taxation or accountancy fields. Both BBA and BCom are good options for students for an excellent career growth.

Which has more scope BBA or BCom?

BCom as an career option has more scope than BBA. BBA focuses on providing knowledge of Management Information System along with finance, marketing, human resource while BCom emphasis on providing intense knowledge of commerce subjects like Accounts, Administration, Finance and Economics.

Which is easy BBA or BCom?

Since students from all streams are eligible for applying for admission, it is relatively easier to get admission to a BBA programme. Whereas, the eligibility criteria for admission to a B.Com programme is much stricter in most institutes.

Is BBA better or BCom for MBA?

The specializations offered in BBA are more in tune with the specializations that are offered in MBA. So, the BBA students are more probable to have an advantage while studying the MBA course. The BCom syllabus allows the candidates to form a more in-depth knowledge about different subjects.

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