Question: What is Edy function in Rakuten?

Rakuten Edy is a prepaid type e-money which can be used at over 400,000 member stores in Japan. By simply touching your Edy card onto the reader, you will hear jingling coins sound as a sign of payment completion.

What is Edy auto charge?

to Rakuten Edy iOS app. The function checks the Edy balance every two hours and automatically recharges the card when the balance falls below a designated level. Rakuten Edy introduced the “Edy auto-charge” function to its Android app in April 2011.

How do you get money back from Rakuten?

To earn Cash Back, you must start shopping at Rakuten and click the link to your favorite store. You know youre earning Cash Back if you click on a Rakuten link (on, in an email, in the Rakuten App or with our Cash Back Button) and get a confirmation pop-up that Cash Back at that store is now active.

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