Question: What happened to Niconico?

With the implementation of English language features into, was retired on November 19, 2012, and now redirects to the Japanese website. In March 2018, Niconico announced the end of English-language community services.

How do I access Niconico?

Using a VPN to watch Niconico is easy. First off, you have to download a VPN service. Then you just have to connect to a Japanese server. Note that you have to make sure your VPN service has a server in Japan.

When was Niconico released?

The full English Nico Nico version was launched on October 17, 2012 which can be accessed with the same URL as the japanese version (, therefore the english feature was disabled.

What is Niconico NII means?

In English the ideophone for that is cheese. In other words, niko niko nii means Say cheese!.

Can you make money on Niconico?

Income. The main income of Niconico comes from premium membership subscriptions, advertisements, and Nico Nico Ichiba (Affiliate). Until early 2019, users need to register an account to watch videos on Niconico. There are two types of registered accounts; free (basic tier) and premium (subscription) accounts.

How do I change my Niconico app to English?

And yes, you can change your account display language at the bottom of the page at any time. Simply click the drop down and select the language you would like to use! Our full English version is only moments away, so hold tight!

What is Nicovideo JP?

Whats niconico The word Niconico is a Japanese term meaning to laugh or smile while Douga denotes videos or movies. Niconico Douga is the No. Its original commenting system, of course. Comments from its viewers display over the video screen allowing users to interact with one another in real time.

Does Niko mean smile?

The Japanese word “niko” means “smile”; following a common pattern of word doubling in Japanese, “niko-niko” has a meaning closer to “smiley”.

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