Question: Is Brawl Stars dying?

Theres no denying of the recent downfall the game has been facing but thats what happens to all the games and with new features and updates, the popularity starts to peak again and with millions of players, this game isnt going anywhere, anytime soon.

Is Brawl Stars Worth playing 2020?

There are very few mobile games with this kind of variety. So, of course, it is worth it! It is totally worth it! Moreover, the game is at peak popularity right now and receives feature updates every month.

Brawl Stars has been downloaded over 200 million times. In 2020, Brawl Stars had the second highest gross of any mobile game in Europe. It grossed US$526 million in total in 2020, which accounted for more than half its life time revenue.

Are Brawl Stars growing?

What would you consider Brawl Stars biggest achievement since launch? Even though progress isnt linear, weve managed to grow the game constantly. The fact that we are bigger in 2021 than we were in the launch phase (or in between) is just amazing and arguably our biggest success.

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