Question: How many mini medals are in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

This guide will be updated as well to include the various Tablet targets for the games 60 other Mini Medals (for a total of 90) so make sure to check back!

How do you get mini medals in Dragon Quest Heroes 2?

Every time you complete the first dungeon you receive 2 Mini Medals and this can be done right the way up to level 20. Once you reach level 20 the monsters inside the dungeon become stronger, but then youre rewarded with 4 Mini Medals per run. You can also sometimes get Mini Medals as random drops during the dungeon.

How do you get mini medals in Dragon Quest Heroes?

Dragon Quest Heroes Accolades Mini Medals You can claim a Mini Medal each time you get a trophy. You normally get one for progressing far in story and doing a certain amount of quests. You can also do Monster Suppression to get them. This basically means killing a certain amount of monsters will get you one Mini Medal.

How do you glide in Dragon Quest Builder 2?

Simply climb up nearby platforms a bit and jump off, press A, and you will be gliding around to explore the sights of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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