Question: Why do they cover the legs in a casket?

The persons hair, makeup, and clothing are done so that they closely resemble what they looked while they were alive. Usually the casket is only open from the deceased individuals waist up, rather than the entire body. Legs may be covered with a blanket.

Why do they only show half a body in a casket?

The purpose is to have the participants get closer to the casket, see the deceased, and pay respects. Many people find it comforting seeing the body one last time, giving them a sense of closure. Its the final chance for saying goodbye to the deceased. However, nobody can oblige you to see the body.

Do they cut your feet off in a casket?

US authorities revoked the licences of a funeral home and its director after he admitted one of his employees cut the legs of a 6ft 7in man without the familys permission so the corpse would fit in a coffin. The state Board of Funeral Service voted unanimously to close Cave Funeral Home in Allendale, South Carolina.

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