Question: How much does kendo hurt?

Most injuries occurred during practice (87.9% foot/ankle, 89.9% wrist/hand, elbow/forearm 92.2%). The most common injuries were contusions, abrasions, and sprains/strains. Injury rates were 121/1000 A-E (0.025 injuries/min) in tournaments versus 20.5/1000 A-E (0.011 injuries/min) in training.

How painful is a kendo stick?

Kendo sticks are easily breakable too and are also used as a method to demonstrate a wrestlers strength when they easily break it in half. Nonetheless, the weapon can cause a lot of pain and injuries too, but its nothing compared to what wrestlers can withstand.

How hard is kendo?

If you mean it is difficult to learn by tough, it is always hard to learn something at the beginning. But youre only 19, so kendo wont be that hard to learn. If you want to be good at kendo, of course you have to train very hard. In that sense, yes, kendo can be very tough.

Does it hurt to get hit with a shinai?

It would be a lie to say getting hit with a shinai doesnt hurt, but the more you train, the less you will notice strikes. Kendo, when practiced properly, doesnt rely on strength to make a clean hit although a certain amount of power is necessary.

Are WWE kendo sticks real?

The Thumbtacks used in wrestling are very much real and the pain felt when wrestlers come in contact with assembled thumbtacks is legitimate. Thumbtacks were rampant in matches during the Attitude era and ECW but they have slowly been phased into extinction since the WWE reverted to the PG era.

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