Question: What is Chino slang for?

What does Chino mean?

1 : a usually khaki cotton or synthetic-fiber twill of the type used for military uniforms. 2 chinos plural : an article of clothing made of chino. Chino. geographical name.

What is a Chino in slang?

Chino (feminine china) was a term used in colonial Mexico to refer to people of mixed ancestry. In the eighteenth century, individuals of mixed Amerindian and African ancestry came to be called chinos.

What does Chino mean in Colombia?

Chino or china While this translates directly as “Chinese,” Colombians use it to refer to a boy or girl. “Hola, china,” for example, means “hey, girl.”

Does Chino mean jail?

California Institution for Men California Institution for Men (CIM) is a male-only state prison located in the city of Chino, San Bernardino County, California. It is often colloquially referenced as Chino....California Institution for Men.Aerial ViewWikimedia | © OpenStreetMapPopulation3,357 (112.8% capacity) (as of April 30, 2020)Opened21 June 19417 more rows

What makes something a Chino?

Chino pants are often made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric in a tighter weave, while khakis are often constructed of a heavyweight 100% cotton twill fabric. Third, chino pants are often cut slimmer with a closer fit than khakis, adding to their formal appeal.

What does Chinto mean?

chinto [adj] GT. bright (color) 3.

What does Chevere mean?

cool The Meaning of “Chévere” “Chévere” is a popular word for “cool” that is heard throughout Colombia, though it is not exclusive to that country. The population in neighbouring Venezuela, for instance, also enjoy using it a fair old amount.

What does Chimo mean?

chimo in British English (ˈtʃiːməʊ) exclamation. an exclamation of greeting among Inuit people. their occupants shouted chima or chimo in greeting, and held up whalebone.

What does chino style mean?

Chino pants are usually lightweight, cotton blended pants that come in a wide array of colors and are woven in a twill weave. Chino by definition is a style of pant which may come in any variety of colors. These details make them ideal to wear as a pant for business casual occasions or to the office.

What does Chito mean in Spanish?

chito [chee-to] noun. 1. A piece of wood, bone, or other substance, on which the money is put in the game of chita. (

What does parcero mean?

Parce / parcero: In Colombia parce or parcero both mean mate, dude or bro. Parche: Translates literally to patch, but in Colombia refers to a group of friends, or the place where you usually hang out with your friends.

How do you talk like a Colombian?

0:237:27Colombian Spanish Slang Words (How to Speak Like a Native)PART 1YouTube

What does Bacano mean in English?

If something is bacano, then it is really good and the person likes it a lot. You can also say “¡Qué bacano!”, which means how great! If a person is bacano, then they are good at doing something that is difficult. Finally, bacano can also translate as dude in the sense “Bacano, vamos”.

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