Question: What is Akira known for?

Its intricate, futuristic cityscapes and its evocative tale of telepathic power inspired a generation of works to come, including a Kanye West music video and “Stranger Things.” In “Akira,” an event akin to the Big Bang consumes Tokyo, leading to World War III.

Why is Akira so famous?

It remains one of the most important exports of Japanese cinema ever and earns its reputation among Rashomon and Tokyo Story as an extraordinarily influential work. Just as when the film ends with Akira creating another plane of existence, the film and manga have created their own new universe.

What is the main idea of Akira?

Set in a then-distant 2019, following Tokyos forced rebuilding to the dystopian, military-complex-controlled Neo-Tokyo, Akira explores themes of disaffected youth, corruption in government, rampant religious zealotry, nuclear-energy-caused telekinesis, destruction, and rebirth.

What is Akira even about?

Set in a dystopian 2019, Akira tells the story of Shōtarō Kaneda, a leader of a biker gang whose childhood friend, Tetsuo Shima, acquires incredible telekinetic abilities after a motorcycle accident, eventually threatening an entire military complex amid chaos and rebellion in the sprawling futuristic metropolis of Neo ...

Is Akira more powerful than Tetsuo?

See, its actually revealed in the very ending, that Tetsuo and Akiras power is literally the same. Like, not similar, not even two identical powers - both use literally the same source of power, just controlled by two different people. So Akira and Tetsuo have exact same potential, they just used it differently.

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