Question: What was chars plan?

Char tells his troops that he plans to drop Axis onto Earth to make history. Char launches dummy ships towards Luna II and the Federation sees that the numbers include one extra ship.

How did char survive?

Despite AEUGs victory in the Gryps Conflict against the Titans, Char is defeated in the final battle by Haman Karn, leader of the Axis Zeon (later Neo Zeon) faction and assumed dead.

What was chars rebellion?

The Second Neo Zeon War (第二次ネオ・ジオン抗争), also known as Chars Rebellion (シャアの反乱), was the conflict between the second Neo Zeon faction led by Char Aznable and the Earth Federation Forces task force Londo Bell.

How did char get his scar?

Char also has a small, diagonal scar between his eyes, originally believed to have been received from Amuro Ray in their sword duel at A Baboa Qu, but is later revealed that Char himself made the wound, to give him the excuse to wear his trademark mask.

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