Question: WHO top celebrities who have had learning difficulties?

Who is a famous person with a learning disability?

THOMAS EDISON is perhaps the most famous inventor of all time. When he was young, his curiosity and practical jokes frequently got him into trouble. No one would have fathomed at that time that one day he would be considered one of the many famous people with learning disabilities.

Can a person with a learning disability be successful?

And some individuals dont realize they have learning disabilities until they are adults. With the right support and interventions, however, children and adults with learning disabilities can succeed in school and life. Recognizing, accepting and understanding your learning disability are the first steps to success.

Who are 3 famous people who have dyslexia?

Celebrities With DyslexiaJennifer Aniston. Who knew one of Americas best TV Friends has dyslexia? Steven Spielberg. Whoopi Goldberg. Henry Winkler. Muhammad Ali. Richard Branson. John Irving. Jay Leno. •18 Feb 2021

Can a genius have a learning disability?

Current US research suggests that 14% of children who are identified as being intellectually gifted may also have a learning disability. This is compared to about 4% of children in the general population. No-one has been able to explain this discrepancy.

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