Question: How long after exposure does hand foot and mouth show up?

Symptoms of fever, poor appetite, runny nose and sore throat can appear three to five days after exposure. A blister-like rash on the hands, feet and in the mouth usually develops one to two days after the initial symptoms.

Can Hand Foot and Mouth come back a week later?

You can get HFMD more than once because different viruses can cause this illness. Talk to a doctor if you or your child is unwell, especially if your family is experiencing HFMD more than once. Stay home and rest if you have it.

When is HFMD not contagious?

How long is a person with hand, foot and mouth disease contagious? Someone with this illness is most contagious during the first week, but they may remain contagious until the blister-like rash has disappeared.

Can siblings pass hand foot mouth back and forth?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is an illness commonly seen in children younger than 5; but is highly contagious and can affect parents and older siblings as well.

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