Question: What kind of show is Dr Stone?

Is Dr Stone a science show?

Stones scientific ventures. As it turns out, the show is actually incredibly accurate aside from some hyperbolation for the sake of comedy and plot. The theory behind all of Senkus inventions, from his recipe for homemade gunpowder to his Stone Age cotton candy, is sound.

Is Dr Stone a fantasy?

Dr. Stone is an isekai in disguise. It may not exactly be an alternate world, but with no human technology and no geography to speak of, Dr. Stones Earth 5738, might as well be the video game fantasy worlds that make up most isekai anime.

How many years have passed in Dr. Stone?

3700 years Having kept count of his time petrified, Senku estimated roughly 3700 years have passed and he was in the year 5739.

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