Question: Does Bennett scale off HP?

The amount of HP restores scales off Bennetts Max HP. - If the health of a character within the AoE is higher than 70%, they gain an ATK Bonus that scales based on Bennetts Base ATK.

What does Bennett healing scale off of?

If the health of a character is below 70% the field continuously heals them. The amount healed scales from Bennetts max HP....Genshin Impact Bennett: An overview.NormalBennett performs up to five rapid sword strikes.ChargedBennett uses stamina to perform two rapid sword strikes.1 more row•1 Jul 2021

Does Bennett scale off attack?

A damage Bennett will want to lean into attack damage, since Fantastic Voyage scales off of his base attack, and not attack percentage.

How do you increase Bennett base ATK?

Bennetts attack buff scales with his base attack, which can be obtained from his level and weapons base attack. So Aquila will further boost his attack buff.

Is attack good on Bennett?

The stat considered on his burst is only his base attack and his weapons base attack. Therefore, putting attack artifacts on Bennett will do nothing except improving his attack damage. Unless players are using him as a DPS, this stat will be a waste.

Is Barbara the best healer?

3 Barbara. Unlike the other healers, Barbaras healing powers are scaled with her own health points. The more health she has, the better she is at giving it back to her teammates. Shes the character that can be set up strictly as a healer to be the most effective, without having to hard focus the attack stat.

How Old Is Bennett from Genshin impact?

Genshin Impact: All Character Age + HeightCHARACTERBIRTHDAYAGEAyakaSeptember 28Eldest DaughterBarbaraJuly 516 / 17BeidouFebruary 1421 – 27BennettFebruary 291634 more rows•14 May 2021

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