Question: How tall is Aymeric?

How tall is Aymeric de Borel?

AymericGenderMaleRaceElezenClanWildwoodBody TypeAdultHeight50% (~79.5 inches)11 more rows

Is Aymeric alive?

As Vidofnir accepts peace after speaking with her sire Hraesvelgr on the matter, Aymeric is nearly killed by an assassin under the True Brotherhood of the Faith who also orchestrated a widespread arson. Aymeric survives thanks to Count Edmont and Lord Artoirels intervention.

Who is the leader of Ishgard?

Ishgard is a strict theocracy led by the line of Thordan I, its current leader being Archbishop Thordan VII and his Heavens Ward.

Does Aymeric have a cat?

Never miss a Moment Borel Manor was bequeathed to Ser Aymeric de Borel after the elder couple who raised him passed away. He resides here, attended by a servant of the house and a cantankerous old cat.

What are au RA called in the first?

The word Au Ra is both singular and plural, the adjectival form is Auri. When addressing the clans including the race, the proper phrasing is Auri Raen or Auri Xaela. Yugiri Mistwalker was the first Au Ra seen in the game, introduced in Patch 2.2. Her full appearance was concealed until Patch 2.55, however.

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