Question: What is considered fender bender?

A fender bender is usually considered a minor car accident since it occurs at a low speed. During a fender bender, the involved vehicles generally sustain the most damage to their fenders. As such, they may require fender repairs.

What is classified as a fender bender?

A fender bender is considered a minor accident between two vehicles. What constitutes as minor, can be debated, but typically incidents like getting rear-ended at low speeds, bumped by a distracted driver, or perhaps lightly tapping into a car while parking could be classified as a fender bender.

What is an example of a fender bender?

A small car accident in which minimal damage is incurred. Michelle was a new driver so she was extremely upset when she had her first accident. Luckily, it was a fender bender and there was no real damage to either car involved.

What does a fender bender feel like?

Limb weakness or numbness. Stiff muscles. Sore or stiff back or neck. Dizziness or confusion.

What do you do in a fender bender?

What do I do when I have a minor car accident?Make sure everyone is safe. Safety first. Never admit fault. Another very important step. Call the police. In the event of a minor car accident that has incurred damage, the police must be called. Document and assess. Documentation is essential. Contact your insurer. Get repairs.7 May 2019

Should I go to the doctor after a fender bender?

After getting into an accident, its recommended that you visit a doctor within 72 hours to be assessed for accident-related injury. Even if you dont believe youve been seriously injured and do not need urgent care, its worthwhile to get checked out.

Can a fender bender cause injury?

Injuries to your back from a fender-bender can lead to serious back problems. Herniated discs, compression fractures, and spinal misalignment. Those are three examples of serious musculoskeletal injuries to your back. A soft tissue injury such as a torn ligament can place stress on your spinal discs.

How long should I expect to be sore after a car accident?

Most people feel sore for up to six weeks following a car accident, but this is just an average. There is no set formula that can tell you how long your soreness and discomfort will last. The amount of time you feel discomfort will be heavily dependent on the damage you sustained, and your diagnosis from your doctor.

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