Question: Is Approach S62 waterproof?

Record swims (it is waterproof), bike rides, runs, stationary stuff, strength, paddleboarding and much more. - The Approach s62 has a heart-rate monitor and pedometer (I love that it tells me how many steps I took during a round of golf).

Is the approach S60 waterproof?

For those interested in fitness, the S60 works with the Garmin Connect mobile app to keep track of things like steps taken, calories burned, overall distance, and even sleep time. And if it does rain the S60 is seriously waterproof, making it a good fit for players who also enjoy other outdoor activities.

Can Garmin Approach S62 be used for running?

From a basic step counter to the more advanced heart rate monitor and Pulse Ox which measures blood oxygen saturation levels, the S62 has you covered. Other useful features include Garmin Pay, Smart Notifications and Sport Tracking which means you can use this for other activities such as running, swimming and cycling.

How do you use approach S60?

0:002:24Garmin Approach S60: Basic Functions - YouTubeYouTube

Are CT10 worth it?

Overall, Id say its a fairly decent golf tracking system that could be worth picking up if you can find it for a really good price. In my opinion, there are better options currently on the market. Ive tested quite a few and some have been more accurate and have had a better app (with a similar price tag).

How accurate is Garmin Approach CT10?

Garmin is normally one of the best when it comes to GPS data and that was still the case with the CT10. Most of the distance data seemed to be very close to being accurate (within about 5 yards of my laser).

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