Question: Can I have a car in my name under my parents insurance?

Yes, youll need your own policy if you own your car, even if you live in your parents house. Getting your own policy for a car thats registered to you with your name on the title is the only way youll be able to have insurance for that car.

Can I own a car and be on my parents insurance?

No. If you live with your parents and they own your car, you can be added to their existing policy. Most insurance companies require that all licensed drivers in the household be either listed on or excluded from the vehicles insurance policy. If your parents own the vehicle, their insurance coverage will be primary.

Can I put insurance on a car that is not in my name?

If youre looking for the easiest way to insure a car thats not in your name, you can add the owner of the vehicle to your insurance policy as an additional interest. When you do this, your premiums will not increase as it merely states someone elses insurable interest.

Can I insure a car in my dads name?

If you do live with your parents and predominantly drive their cars, you can buy car insurance under your parents name. Insurance policies follow the car. So while it is uncommon to be on your parents insurance if you dont live with them, you can still put your car insurance in your parents name.

What happens when you put a car in your name?

If you have the California Certificate of Title for the vehicle, the seller signs the title to release ownership of the vehicle. The buyer should then bring the signed title to a DMV office to apply for transfer of ownership.

How does insurance work if you borrow a car?

In general, when you borrow a car, you borrow car insurance, too. Insurance typically follows the car, not the driver. That means if you are involved in an accident while driving someone elses car (not on your insurance policy), the owner of the car will probably be held responsible for any financial damages.

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