Question: What are the 5 Hyōgo commitments?

What is Sendai Framework for action?

The Sendai Framework focuses on the adoption of measures which address the three dimensions of disaster risk (exposure to hazards, vulnerability and capacity, and hazards characteristics) in order to prevent the creation of new risk, reduce existing risk and increase resilience.

What is the Yokohama Strategy?

It provides guidelines for natural disaster prevention, preparedness and mitigation. Part I describes the principles on which a disaster reduction strategy should be based. Part II is a plan of action agreed upon by all member states of the United Nations.

What is the full form of ISDR?

Full Name: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

What does DRR mean?

Disaster risk reduction Disaster risk reduction (DRR) is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing and reducing the risks of disaster. It aims to reduce socio-economic vulnerabilities to disaster as well as dealing with the environmental and other hazards that trigger them.

How can we reduce the risk of disaster?

Disaster mitigation – Structural and non-structural measures undertaken to limit the adverse impact of natural hazards; for example, planting mangroves to reduce the risk posed by tidal surges or raising awareness of natural hazards through school-based education projects.

Which event produces the biggest tsunami?

One of the largest and most destructive tsunamis ever recorded was generated in August 26, 1883 after the explosion and collapse of the volcano of Krakatoa (Krakatau), in Indonesia.

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