Question: What is Minas occupation?

What is Minas job in Dracula?

schoolmistress Mina is a practical young woman who works as a schoolmistress. Eventually victimized by Dracula herself, Mina is also the best friend of the counts first victim in the novel, Lucy Westenra.

What is Mina studying in Dracula?

So true, so sweet, so noble. . . .” Mina stands as the model of domestic propriety, an assistant schoolmistress who dutifully studies newfangled machines like the typewriter so as to be useful to her husband. Minas sexuality remains enigmatic throughout the whole of Dracula.

What does Minas role in the group seem to be?

Mina is also described as being both nurturing and needy. In some ways, she is the mother-figure in the group of vampire hunters (all men). After Arthur drives a stake through his fiancée Lucys heart, killing the Vampire she has become, he is understandably a little shaken up.

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