Question: Should you let cats out at night?

Cats Protection recommends that you keep your cats in at night. Cats are natural hunters, making them more active at night time, and some studies show that more road traffic injuries happen at night. Therefore, we recommend keeping your cat indoors at night to protect them from the hazards of the roads.

Will my cat come back if I let him outside at night?

Most likely, yes! As long as you introduce your feline to the outside world gradually and in a safe way they should always return home. That isnt to say the outside world doesnt have its risks. There is always a chance your cat could get lost, taken in by another person, or get trapped or injured.

Why is my cat acting weird after going outside?

Cats act strangely after being outside due to picking up bad habits from feral cats. Your cat mightve been scared by thunder, attacked by a predator, or lost a fight. Behavior changes are expected in cats that get pregnant, sick or develop respiratory illnesses while outdoors.

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