Question: How much is a cats eye gem worth?

Our special offer price for this rare quality cats-eye chrysoberyl gem is $1750/carat = $11375.

Is Cats Eye Stone rare?

Precious cats-eye, the rarest and most highly prized, is a greenish chatoyant variety of chrysoberyl called cymophane; the chatoyant effect is due to minute parallel cavities. ...

What is Pink Cat eye good for?

Cats eye is traditionally a good luck stone associated with intuition, good judgment, enhance awareness, optimism, and confidence and provide clearer thinking and far-sightedness. It is also said to promote concentration and the ability to learn.

What Crystal is for money?

Citrine is known as the “money stone” so, obvs, its at the top of the list. Its most potent power is in amplifying willpower and motivation. It helps you focus on a specific financial goal, like saving, investing, or resisting spending urges.

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