Question: What is Blade Runner meaning?

Decapitation by a knife, sword, ax, etc. During the French Revolution (1789) the Blade referred to the Guillotine. In the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep a Blade Runner was an authority with permission to terminate a Replicant on contact.

Who is called Blade Runner?

Deckard, whose job as a blade runner was to track down bioengineered humanoids known as replicants and terminally retire them, is informed that four replicants are on Earth illegally.

Why are bladerunners called bladerunners?

Blade Runner owes its name to screenwriter Hampton Fancher, who drafted the films first treatments under titles that included Android and Dangerous Days. The team got permission from Burroughs to use the name, and after that, “it just stuck, because it was fun.”

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