Question: Is the upside down a real thing?

The history of the Upside Down remains a mystery. Exactly how and why it came into existence, is unclear. However, its existence is heavily implied to be linked to the Mind Flayer.

Is the upside down true?

In fact, it is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Sellou (names changed to Phillip Lacasse and Dell Scott in the film, played by Bryan Cranston and Hart, respectively) and adapted from the 2012 French film Les Intouchables. It also is perfectly fine.

Is the Vale of Shadows real?

(Turns out the Vale of Shadows is a Stranger Things creation, and not something from the actual game.) “It is right next to you and you dont even see it,” their fictional D&D Expert Rulebook explains.

Is the upside down really upside down?

The Upside Down is generally accepted and referred to as an alternate dimension of the human world, given that its pretty much a mirror of it but in a state of decay – but there might be a completely different reason as to why this “dimension” looks exactly like this one, and its because its the same, but in a ...

Is eleven from the upside down?

After defeating the Demogorgon, Eleven wakes up in the Upside Down dimension. She escapes through a portal, which leads her back to the school.

Who is Phillip Lacasse in real-life?

Bryan CranstonThe Upside Phillip Lacasse/Played by

Did Abdel Sellou start business?

Sellou no longer lives in the Paris banlieues, but has started a business and now breeds chickens in Algeria. And hes written a book as well. For someone whos never even read a book in his life, You Changed My Life was a 250-page thank you letter, he said of his best-seller.

Why did the Demogorgon take will?

Brenner and his team arrived, thus bringing the Demogorgon into the mix. He hid in the shed but the Demogorgon caught him and took him to the Upside Down. Now, some fans believe Will hurt himself enough to bleed even if slightly when he crashed his bike, and thats why the Demogorgon went after him.

Did Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart really paraglide?

Unlike Cranston, Hart did not fly in any of the scenes. As a result, filming Hart “paragliding” required some creativity, including a flying rig that hung from a crane, a shade structure simulating the gliders canopy, and a large fan for wind.

Where is Abdel Sellou now?

Algeria Abdel Sellou now lives in Algeria with his wife and three children, where he runs a chicken farm. He remains close to Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who lives in Morocco with his second wife and two children.

Is Philippe Pozzo di Borgo rich?

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo was not an American businessman. In exploring how accurate The Upside movie is, we discovered that Philippe is actually a wealthy French aristocrat. He is the second son of French duke Pozzo di Borgo and his wife the Marquis de Vogüé.

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