Question: How do you know its time for a career change?

Simply put, the 90-day rule says that if you are unhappy or miserable for more than 90 consecutive days, then its time to make a move (i.e. pivot). Thats three full months of being unhappy. Or if you think about it in business terms, thats one-fourth of the year — or one entire quarter of being stressed and unhappy.

Is it time to shift careers?

If you are beginning to doubt yourself and the work that you do, then something dramatic needs to change in your working environment. Staying in a job or career that makes you feel bad about yourself as a person is never going to be worth it, no matter what the pay or perks are.

How long does it take to change your career?

You dont need to rush into your new career. In fact, the average worker takes about 11 months to plan out a career change.

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