Question: How do you beat Detroit: Become Human?

Can you lose Detroit: Become Human?

Detroit: Become Human features a non-linear story told through branching paths governed by a range of player choices. Almost every character can die, drastically altering the narrative. This extends to the main characters, who can die from the very first scenes theyre in.

How many hours does it take to finish Detroit: Become Human?

It claims Detroit: Become Human will take 11 and a half hours to complete the main story. Based on our play time with the PS4 version of the game, 10 to 11 hours sounds like a good ballpark estimate. The thing that makes Detroit: Become Human a game unlike most others is the way the narrative is structured.

Can you beat Detroit: Become Human without anyone dying?

There are ten characters you need to keep alive in order to unlock the Survivors Trophy in Detroit: Become Human. Its okay for other police officers and androids to die during your playthrough, but if you lose one of the following characters, then youll need to go back to your last checkpoint and start again.

How long does it take to complete Detroit: Become Human 100%?

How Long Is Detroit: Become Human? A single playthrough of Detroit: Become Human will take you approximately 10 hours to beat, depending on how your story branches and how much time you spend exploring.

Is Detroit on switch?

While we know that the game is coming to PS4 on May 25, some fans may be wondering if the game may also find its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Detroit: Become Human has currently only been announced for PS4, and thats unlikely to change any time soon.

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