Question: What is follow on milk?

follow-on milk – as “a food intended for use as a liquid part of the weaning diet for. the infant from the 6. th. month on and for young children.”

When should I give my baby follow on milk?

Follow-on formula should never be fed to babies under 6 months old. Research shows that switching to follow-on formula at 6 months has no benefits for your baby. Your baby can continue to have first infant formula as their main drink until they are 1 year old.

What does follow on formula mean?

Follow-on formula is made to be less like breast milk and more like regular cows milk. Follow-on formulas contain more protein and certain vitamins and minerals, which are not necessary to your babys diet as she will be receiving increases in these nutrients as she starts on her solid food diet.

How do you make follow on milk?

How to prepare Aptamil Follow On MilkWash hands and sterilise all utensils according to manufacturers instructions.Boil 1 litre of fresh water. Using the scoop provided, level off the powder with the built in leveller. Add the correct measure of powder to the water. Cool under running tap.

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