Question: Is alligator meat good for you?

We have some more good news: alligator meat is also healthy! Yes, who knew this scary beast could be good for you – you know, when its not coming at you with those pointy chompers. A 3.5-ounce serving has 143 calories, most of it from protein, just barely 3% total fat, 65 milligrams cholesterol, and 29 % protein.

Is Alligator considered red meat?

This is the meat that is most equivalent to chicken, mainly because its the most tender part of the gator and mildest in flavor. Believe it or not, gators have red meat too. In our opinion, the texture and taste of the white meat is where its at!

How much of an alligator is edible?

The best part of the alligator to eat is the tenderloin, the inner piece of the tail (each tail has two tenderloins), considered to be the “filet mignon” of the gator. The second most desirable part is the white tail meat, and third is the white leg and body meat.

What is alligator meat called?

The meat of the feet region of an alligator, also known as wings, tastes like frogs legs. Alligator meat can be used for making fillets, sausages, stews, steaks, soups, hamburger patties, and in taco fillings. Many recipes for veal, chicken, and fish can be prepared with alligator meat which is of a mild flavor.

Is Alligator high in mercury?

American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are top-level predators that can accumulate mercury in high concentrations. As human consumption of alligator continues to increase, there is an increased public health concern. I conducted two studies examining mercury concentrations in the American alligator.

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