Question: Where can I use Nanaco points?

Nanaco is a convenient e-money system that is accepted as a payment method at Seven-Eleven, Dennys, Ito-Yokado, Sogo, Seibu, YorkMart, and York-Benimaru locations throughout Japan.

What are nanaco points?

nanaco points are calculated by month in accordance with the amount spent with the Debit Card Service and are added on the 15th of every month as the amount deposited at the center. The point calculation period is one month from the 16th of two months previous to the 15th of the previous month.

How do you use POINTs?

How to Use Point with Example SentencesUsed with verbs: I see your point. (see, get, understand) He missed the point. Used with adjectives: That knife has a sharp point! (sharp) That was a low point in his career. Used with prepositions: The point of school is to learn. (of) Whats the point in trying?

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