Question: Who is Deborah Mays married to now?

What happened to Joe Namaths wife?

Former football player Joe Namath mightve been a great athlete in his day, but in his personal life, the stars wife left him for a plastic surgeon. He sadly never remarried after that. Joe met Tatiana, an aspiring actress, while attending a voice class in 1983, and his life changed forever.

Who is Joe Namath wife?

Deborah Maysm. 1984–2000 Joe Namath/Wife

Did Joe Namath own a restaurant?

Boasting dazzling views of the Jupiter Lighthouse and surrounding waters, the ambitious Love Street complex includes three distinct restaurant concepts and a seafood market. The restaurants are Lucky Shuck (an oyster bar and taproom), Beacon (a modern American grill) and Topside (a rooftop tapas bar).

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