Question: What cheese is in Green Bay Packers?

Heres why Green Bay Packers fans are called Cheeseheads. Wisconsin produces 26% of Americas cheese, making it the #1 cheese-producing state. 90% of the milk Wisconsin produces goes towards making cheese.

What does cheese have to do with Green Bay?

Wisconsin is associated with cheese because the state historically produced more dairy products than other American states, giving it the nickname Americas Dairyland. The use of the term cheesehead as a derogatory word for Wisconsinites originated with Illinois football and baseball fans to refer to opposing ...

Why do they call Green Bay Packers fans cheeseheads?

Cheesehead derives from the Dutch insult kaaskop, literally meaning head cheese. Supposedly, some time after WWII, Illinoisans started to call Wisconsinites—Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers fans in particular—cheeseheads, harkening back to the Dutch insult.

Who is the majority shareholder of the Green Bay Packers?

Majority owners: 360,584 stockholders totaling 5,011,557 shares....NFL TEAM OWNERSHIP.NFCAFCTampa BayTennessee19 more rows•Mar 18, 2015

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