Question: What is Goshuin book?

A goshuincho is, literally, an “honorable stamp/seal book” used by people visiting shrines or temples. The book is handed over to an attendant and in return for a modest fee, will be stamped with the shrine or temples name along with the days date. This serves as proof of pilgrimage to that location.

Where to get a goshuincho?

Goshuincho (books) usually cost between ¥1200 and ¥1500, but a few are as much as ¥2000, and may be purchased at the office of the shrine or temple, usually located near the entrance.

Who is Rin real father?

Souichi Kaga Rin KagaRinHeight112 - 120 cm (6 years old) 169 cm (15-16 years old)RelativesSouichi Kaga (Father/ Adopting Father) Masako Yoshii (Mother) Daikichi (Nephew/Adoptive Father/Husband) Unnamed half-siblingAnimeEpisode 1Voice ActressAyu Matsuura8 more rows

Does Daikichi adopt Rin?

Daikichi is a 30 year old man who adopts Rin after his grandfather dies. He juggles with work and picking up Rin in the beginning but later gets a job transfer allowing him to spend more time with Rin.

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