Question: How much do astronomers get paid at NASA?

A NASA Astrophysics in your area makes on average $93,119 per year, or $2,154 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $90,965.

How much money do astronomers make at NASA?

In June 2018, NASA announced job openings for a research astrophysicist with a salary range of $96,970 to $148,967 and a physical scientist with a salary ranging from $134,789 to $164,200.

What is the highest paying job at NASA?

Highest Paying Jobs At NASARankJob TitleAverage NASA Salary1Associate, Member Services$116,9882Computer Scientist$109,6033Contracts Specialist$104,8854Engineering Technician$104,78616 more rows

Is becoming an astronomer hard?

It will be very difficult for you to become an astronomer, because math is heavily used in this field and the training that is required leading up to getting a job in the field. Once you become an astronomer, it is an intense job with few breaks.

What is NASAs acceptance rate?

Only 12 out of 18,300 astronaut applicants were accepted for NASAs class of 2017 — thats an acceptance rate of less than 1%. The road to becoming an astronaut is not easy. Even if NASA approves your application, itll take some time before you actually leave Earth.

Who is the CEO of NASA 2021?

List of administrators and deputy administrators of NASAAdministrator of the National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationIncumbent Bill Nelson since May 3, 2021Reports toPresidentSeatWashington, D.C.NominatorPresident with Senate advice and consent5 more rows

How much money do astronomers make a month?

How Much Do Astronomer Jobs Pay per Month?Annual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$96,500$8,04175th Percentile$61,000$5,083Average$51,826$4,31825th Percentile$29,500$2,458

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