Question: Where did Al Franken go to college?

Where did Al Franken grow up?

Louis Park, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Franken graduated from The Blake School in 1969, where he was a member of the wrestling team. He attended Harvard College, where he majored in political science, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in 1973.

Where was the party filmed?

Details on the Afterlife of the Party filming locations. The movie seemingly takes place in the United States, but it was actually shot in Cape Town, South Africa.

Is anyone still alive from the cast of Gilligans Island?

Tina Louise, who played a movie star named Ginger Grant, is the only one of the shows cast members still alive today. As the New York Post noted, Louise refused to appear in revivals and reboots of the classic show including the TV movie Rescue from Gilligans Island in 1978 and Surviving Gilligans Island in 2001.

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