Question: What is the meaning of idiom by and large?

when everything about a situation is considered together: There are a few small things that I dont like about my job, but by and large its very enjoyable. General.

What is the idiom for by and large?

All in all, “by and large” means “both by [the wind] and large” (i.e. “both into the wind and with the wind”) in nautical terminology. When a ship is “good by and large”, it is good in any possible situation; that is, it is good in general, which gave birth to the modern English idiom. 0.

What is the meaning of the idiom at large?

If you sneak out of jail and roam free, youre at large! Youre on the loose! At large is often used for criminals who have eluded the police, but your dog could be at large if you cant find her. People use this term when someone escapes from the police or hasnt been captured yet.

How do you use by and large in a sentence?

usually; as a rule.They were, by and large, a very wealthy, privileged elite.Charities, by and large, do not pay tax.By and large, I enjoyed my time at school.By and large, these people are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens.By and large, the new arrangements have worked well. •Jul 17, 2016

What is the meaning of the idiom to keep away?

v. 1. To remain at a distance from something, especially something that should be avoided: You should keep away from fallen electrical wires after storms so that you dont get electrocuted. The dog is in a bad mood, so you should keep away.

Why do they say still at large?

At large (with no hyphen) is an idiom stemming from this, meaning at liberty. It is possible to say at more large, meaning at greater liberty or to use the verb enlarge to mean set free; but these two are rare and not to be used without care.

Is it by and large or by in large?

The by part of the phrase means close-hauled. (This by also appears in the term full and by, meaning sailing with all sails full and close to the wind as possible.) Large, by contrast, refers to a point of sail in which the wind is hitting the boat abaft the beam, or behind the boats widest point.

Does substantially meaning considerably?

Synonyms: considerably, significantly, very much, greatly More Synonyms of substantially. 2. adverb [ADVERB adjective] If you say that something is substantially correct or unchanged, you mean that it is mostly correct or mostly unchanged. [formal]

What does at large mean in law?

An At-Large position means that the person represents an entire state/district/ body, etc. instead of only representing one portion of it (e.g., a Delegate At-Large).

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