Question: Where is the best equipment in Dragon Quest 11?

What is the best gear in Dragon Quest 11?

To remove that ambiguity, here are the 10 best weapons in Dragon Quest XI S.1 Supreme Sword of Light.2 Brilliant Blade. 3 Faerie Kings Cane. 4 Split-Pot Poker. 5 Aurora Staff. 6 Dynamo Dagger. 7 Metal King Spear. 8 Xenlon Claws. •Jun 19, 2021

What is the best armor in Dragon Quest 1?

Erdricks armour Erdricks armour is a piece of equipment found in Dragon Quest. It belonged to the legendary hero bearing the title of Erdrick who saved Alefgard, and is the strongest armor in the game.

What does the dragon scale do dq1?

Legend has it that the dragon scale fell from a dragons body a long, long time ago. A light green fossil that fits in the palm of your hand, it has mysterious powers and slightly increases your defensive power. Due to text restrictions, it was named D-Scale in the Gameboy Color remakes.

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