Question: Is HP or defense better Pokemon go?

Stats. Every Pokémon has a set stat value, which is a balance between Attack, Defense and HP. In Pokémon go, Attack is valued more highly than Defense and HP, and contributes more to CP. This means attack heavy Pokémon will need to be lower level to stay under 1500 because their CP scales up more quickly.

Is HP more important than defense?

In general, Defense is probably more important than HP, so if theyre about even and you have to make a judgment call, err on the side of stacking defensive EVs instead of HP EVs. Really, if youre going for a real wall, get both. EV train HP and Defense for best results.

Does defense and HP matter in Pokemon go?

In Pokémon GO, Pokémon has three base stats: Attack, Defense, and Stamina. All Pokémon of the same species will have the same base stats. Defense affects the amount of damage a Pokémon receives from attacks. Stamina affects the Pokémons maximum HP.

What items increase defense?

List of stat-enhancing itemsNameDebut Gen.EffectDeep Sea Scale*IIIDoubles Special Defense.Deep Sea Tooth*IIIDoubles Special Attack.EvioliteVRaises Defense and Special Defense by 50%.Leek*IIIncreases critical hit ratio by two stages.7 more rows

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