Question: Is Federer or Djokovic better?

Federer also narrowly bests Djokovic in match winning percentage on grass (87.4% vs. 84.1%) and on hardcourts (83.5% vs. 84.3%), with Nadal (78% and 77.9%) lagging behind them—but unsurprisingly crushing his rivals on clay (91.5% even after Fridays loss, vs. Djokovics 80.4% and Federers 75.9%).

Is Novak greater than Federer?

Yes, and he has been for some time, according to the numbers. Djokovic leads both Roger Federer (27-23) and Rafael Nadal (30-28 after the semifinal win on Friday) in head-to-head records. He is the only player to have wins over Federer and Nadal at all four Grand Slams.

Is Djokovic the best tennis player ever?

The greatest serve returner ever, Djokovic now ranks first in history for total prize money won, Grand Slam titles won (tied with Nadal and Federer), Masters 1000 titles (tied with Nadal), the number of Australian Open titles, for total weeks spent at World No. 1 and year-end No. 1 (tied with Pete Sampras).

Who is the goat Djokovic or Federer?

Djokovic has won just as many majors as Federer, nearly as many year-end championships, and more Masters 1000 tournaments. He has spent more weeks at No. 1 than Federer, and he has seven year-end No. 1 rankings to Federers five.

Is Djokovic a better grass court player than Federer?

Novak Djokovic has a higher winning percentage on grass courts than Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Tony Roche, and Bjorn Borg. The answer to the question above is true as he boasts a first-rate winning percentage of 84.1 (95-18) on grass to trail only Roger Federer (87%) among active players.

What makes Djokovic so good on hard court?

What makes Djokovic so effective isnt simply his ability to consistently return shots and sustain rallies, but a knack for turning defence into offence. Hes able to hit winners on the run and off-balance, effectively shrinking the court for his opponents in the process.

Who won the tennis match between Djokovic and Federer?

After winning their semifinal matches, they met in the final where Djokovic beat Federer in straight sets to go 5–0 and win the tournament for the second time in his career....ATP Finals.TournamentDjokovicFedererYear-end championship56

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