Question: What do you feed a lily of the valley?

Fertilize lily of the valley with 10-10-10, slow-release, granular fertilizer every three months during the active growing season. Apply the fertilizer at a rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 square foot of soil. Sprinkle the fertilizer in a band around the plants, at least 6 inches from the stems to prevent fertilizer burn.

How do you fertilize lily of the valley?

Fertilize in the spring with a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 and use water-soluble fertilizer throughout the bloom time. A top dressing of compost and aged manure to provide more nutrients. Lily of the valley is an aggressive plant and it can colonize ground cover and easily crowd the neighboring foliage.

Is bone meal good for lily of the valley?

Fertilizing Lily of the Valley The matter decays and releases what the plant needs into the soil around the roots. Lily of the valley growing in pots will require the addition of nutrient amendments to the soil. Using a handful of blood and bone meal in late March and once again in early August will suffice.

When should I cut back Lily of the Valley?

Trim off the old flower stems after the blooms begin to wilt. Cut out the stems at their base. Prune out any foliage that becomes tattered or dies during the spring or summer months. Cut back the entire plant to the soil surface after the foliage yellow in late summer or early fall.

How do you care for potted lily of the valley?

Lily of the valley container care is easy. Place your pots in indirect sunlight. If planting in the fall, you may want to bring the container inside until spring. When it starts to bloom in the spring, place it wherever the smell suits you best.

Do I cut down lily of the valley?

The optimum time for lily of the valley division is when the plant is dormant in spring or fall. Separating lily of the valleys after flowering ensures the plants energy is available for creation of roots and leaves.

Can I keep Lily of the Valley in pots?

It is easy to grow Lily of the Valley in pots. [7] Choose a deep container, because the plant has long roots that like to spread. You can trim the roots a few centimetres, but dont go too far. Once planted, place the pots in indirect sunlight, and keep it indoors until early spring before moving it outside.

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