Question: What is Friedel Craft alkylation and acylation reaction?

The general Friedel Crafts reaction involves a new carbon to carbon bond forming. There are two types of Friedel-Crafts reactions, alkylation and acylation. Alkylation reaction add a simple carbon chain to the benzene ring. Acylation adds an acyl group, creating a ketone or aldehyde.

Which of the following is used in Friedel craft acylation reaction?

hybridized carbon can be used in Friedel Crafts reaction to generate electrophile. So, the correct options are, C and D. is the most reactive substance that contains an acyl group. It is commonly known as acyl chloride or acid chloride.

What type of reaction is alkylation?

Conventional paraffin (alkane)–olefin (alkene) alkylation is an acid-catalyzed reaction; it involves the addition of a tertiary alkyl cation, generated from an isoalkane (via hydride abstraction) to an olefin. An example of such a reaction is the isobutane–ethylene alkylation, yielding 2,3-dimethylbutane.

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