Question: Why did the Dirty Dawgs break up?

Why did Samatoki and Ichiro fight?

Ichiro Yamada However, after The Dirty Dawg disbanded, their friendship turned into mutual hatred. While Ichiro couldnt follow his ideals, Samatoki was under the impression that Ichiro was a hypocrite and influenced Nemu to turn against him.

Is Saburo Arasaka alive?

He is Saburo Arasaka, veteran, businessman, and would-be shogun of a reborn Empire of Japan. And, if a passing reference in todays Night City Wire is to be believed, hes still alive.

Is Dice Otomes son?

Dice was born to Otome Tohoten and Mikado Asuka, two renowned politicans. When Dice was young, Mikado was arrested, so Otome left her son at her relatives house, the Arisugawa family. However, Dice ran away from the house, leaving his mother and everything else behind. Rio thought that Dice needed battle funds.

How old is Saburo Arasaka?

Saburo Arasaka reached the age of 101 in 2020.

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