Question: How do you unlock masked Carnivale 31?

How do you unlock masked Carnivale?

The Masked Carnivale is a single-player activity from Final Fantasy XIV focused on the Blue Mage limited job, added with Patch 4.5. It is located in Uldah, and its unlocked after completing the level 50 job quest The Real Folk Blues.

How do you unlock Dirty Rotten Azulmagia?

In order to fight Dirty Rotten Azulmagia, youll need a few spells. To get these spells, try to have one friend with a level 80 character. They can run the dungeons with you and ensure that you get the spell, without having to worry about needing a full team of Blue Mages!

How do I unlock Bluemage?

To unlock Blue Mage on your character, you have to be a Disciple of War or Magic above the level 50 and you have to have “The Ultimate Weapon” quest completed. (This is the last quest in the main part of the story line for A Realm Reborn.)

How do you get the azure flute in Pixelmon generations?

The Azure Flute is an item that is received when completing the Arc Chalice requirements or obtained from Woodland Mansion chests. After obtaining the Azure flute, the player can, when within range of a Timespace Altar, right click on the ground of the alter to play the flute.

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