Question: What is the most popular cherry tree?

Bing cherries are large, dark and one of the most common commercially sold cherries. Black Tartarian is a terrific bearer of large purple-black, sweet, juicy fruit. Tulare is similar to Bing and stores well for a long time. Glenare has very large, sweet, clingstone type fruit of dark red.

What is the most common cherry tree?

Yamazakura. The yamazakura is the most common cherry tree variety of Japan that actually grows wildly in nature as opposed to cultivars such as the Somei Yoshino. Its blossoms are slightly pink and have five, relatively small petals.

What is the easiest cherry tree to grow?

If youre growing your own, however, and dont live in a favored climate with little rain during ripening, youll be better off with less finicky varieties. The self-fertile types work well if you can get your hands on one. The easiest to find is Stella, which bears fruit similar to Bing.

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